Check out complete travel itineraries for Scotland, highlighting the capital Edinburgh. Attractions, accommodation, restaurants and many tips to organize an amazing trip!

Important information about Scotland:
  • Location: Europe – form the UK along with the England, Wales and northern Ireland
  • Capital: Edinburgh
  • The most popular city: Glasgow
  • Official language: English, Gaelic and Scottish
  • Population: about 1.3 million inhabitants
  • Member of the European Union: It used to be, but not since 2020
  • Coin: pound sterling
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy
Scotland: How to visit Edinburgh Castle

Scotland: How to visit Edinburgh Castle

Check out all the tips to visit Edinburgh Castle, one of the main attractions in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The place is full of stories, salons, museums, Scottish Crown jewels and the famous...
Edinburgh: Itinerary and tips in Scotland's beautiful capital

Scotland: What to do in Edinburgh – 2 or 3 days itinerary

Edinburgh is one of the most charming cities in the United Kingdom and a gateway for anyone wanting to discover Scotland. In this super complete itinerary you will find all the tips of the most famous attractions...
Scotch Whiskey Experience: Secrets of Scotch Whiskey in Edinburgh

Scotch Whiskey Experience: Secrets of Scotch Whiskey in Edinburgh

Anyone visiting Scotland cannot miss the chance to get to know the Scotch Whiskey Experience, a perfect place to get in touch with the famous Scotch whiskey, recognized worldwide for its quality. Even we who...
Scotland: Guide to Exploring the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Scotland: Guide to Exploring the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a friendly and hospitable city, the capital of Scotland. The Royal Mile is the heart of Edinburgh and where the city's main attractions are located. In this post, we separate the top tips for...
Scotland: Edinburgh accommodation tip

Scotland: Edinburgh accommodation tip

Edinburgh is a beautiful city with many accommodation options. We stayed in a very well located hotel, renovated and with polite and helpful staff. Check out our Edinburgh accommodation tip. SCOTLAND: TIP...
Holyroodhouse: Official Palace of British Royalty in Scotland

Holyroodhouse: Official Palace of British Royalty in Scotland

Anyone visiting Edinburgh cannot miss the Holyroodhouse Palace, the official home of the British monarchy in Scotland. Check out how to enjoy your visit to the palace and what to find for...
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