Check out complete travel itineraries in Luxembourg. Attractions, accommodation, restaurants and many tips to organize an amazing trip!

Important information about Luxembourg:
  • Location: Europe – border with Belgium, Germany and France
  • Capital and most populous city: Luxembourg
  • Official language: Luxembourgish, French and German
  • Population: about 602 thousand inhabitants
  • Member of the European Union: Yea
  • Coin: Euro
  • Government: parliamentary unitary constitutional monarchy
What to do in Luxembourg - 1 day itinerary

What to do in Luxembourg – 1 day itinerary

Luxembourg, although small, is a lovely country. The main city, which bears the same name as the country, is the main destination for those who want to know the only Grand Duchy that still exists in the world. In this...
Europe: Is it worth including Luxembourg in the itinerary?

Europe: Is it worth including Luxembourg in the itinerary?

Europe is so big and there are so many different places to see that putting together a travel itinerary is a real challenge. We've been heartbroken several times for having to...
Luxembourg: The amazing Casemates du Bock

Luxembourg: The amazing Casemates du Bock

We already commented in the post "What to do in Luxembourg - 1-day itinerary" that the attraction that we consider a must-see in the charming city of Luxembourg are the incredible Casemates du Bock. The location provides a...
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