Vegan Nata: Portugal's first vegan pastel de nata

Vegan Nata: Portugal's first vegan pastel de nata

Last updated: 02/28/2023

Meet Vegan Nata, a chain in Portugal that produces vegan pastel de nata as tasty as the traditional one, but without any ingredients of animal origin.


The story of Vegan Nata begins with two entrepreneurs who worked separately in sustainable and healthy food projects in a co-working space they ended up meeting. In order to win the “2019 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum” award, they came together to show that food without anything of animal origin can be very tasty. Thus, Vegan Nata was born, a Portuguese 100% concept developed by the Crunchytendency team, which became the world's first vegan pastel de nata!

Vegan Nata: Portugal's first vegan pastel de nata
vegan cream

The company's principles are: veganism, sustainability and innovation. With a special recipe by nutritionist Rita dos Santos, the custard tarts are made with less sugar and less fat than traditional and received the vegan seal of the European Vegetarian Union, the V-Label, guaranteeing that it is 100% vegan and that there is no cross contamination. So, the pastry can be consumed by both vegans and lactose intolerants and also by those who are allergic to egg protein. Each piece of pastel de nata costs €1.20.


In addition to the fact that custard tarts are vegan, Vegan Nata's proposal goes further, wanting reduce the ecological “footprint”. The other products sold in Vegan Nata stores are also vegan, such as coffee, developed in conjunction with the Negrita Cafés brand, and organic teas from the Hones Green brand. The concern with the environment is constant, making all products and packaging are plastic-free and even plates and cups are edible (Soditud Cupffee biscuit coffee cup; and plates made from wheat bran).

Vegan Nata: Portugal's first vegan pastel de nata
Edible cups and plates and water in metal packaging | Photo: official website


Currently, Vegan Nata has 3 units in the Lisbon region. The first opened in early 2020 in the neighborhood Campo de Ourique. At the end of 2020, it was time to open a second unit, in the neighborhood of wheezing, in the heart of the Portuguese capital. This unit combined the innovation of the vegan pastel de nata with the tradition of the A Carioca cafeteria which, since 1936, has been selling coffee, teas and other quality products.

Vegan Nata: Portugal's first vegan pastel de nata
Pastel de nata and coffee from A Carioca | Photo: official website

The third unit is located in the UBBO Shopping Center, a shopping center with 280 stores located in Amadora, a municipality located in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon. In addition to physical stores, Vegan Nata also serves greater Lisbon through the Uber Eats, Takeaway and Glovo platforms.


Our first contact with Vegan Nata was at the original unit in Campo de Ourique. We visited the Fernando Pessoa House Museum, we have lunch at the restaurant Amelia Lisbon, close by and we went to eat dessert at Vegan Nata. The unit is small, with a few tables on the sidewalk and a counter with pastéis de nata inside.

Vegan Nata: Portugal's first vegan pastel de nata
Campo de Ourique Cream Vegan Unit

We could order just one pastel de nata each, a box of 6 units or a box of 12 units. I would have been happy with the box of 6 units, and we would take the rest back to the hotel, but my husband, who loves sweets, couldn't resist the temptation and immediately ordered the big box! Paulo took the opportunity to order a coffee (with the edible cup) and I ordered a water (which came in a can and not in a plastic bag).

Vegan Nata: Portugal's first vegan pastel de nata
Someone loving vegan custard tarts

I confess that I was surprised by the taste! We had already tasted the most famous custard tart, Pastel de Belém, during our first visit to Lisbon, when we weren't vegan yet. So we knew the flavor and we had a way to compare. The Vegan Nata pastel impresses with its similarity to the traditional pastel in texture and flavor. There's nothing better than having the pleasure of savoring a delicacy of traditional Portuguese cuisine without having to involve any kind of animal cruelty, right? We left super satisfied and with a box full of vegan custard tarts.

Vegan Nata: Portugal's first vegan pastel de nata
Lots of pasteis de nata to take back to the hotel


vegan cream
  • Adresses:
    • Vegan Nata Campo de Ourique: R. 4 de Infantaria 29 B, 1350-268 Lisbon, Portugal
    • Vegan Nata Chiado / A Carioca: R. da Misericórdia 9, 1200-208 Lisbon, Portugal
    • Vegan Nata Ubbo: Av. Cruzeiro Seixas 5/7 R8, 2650-504 Amadora, Portugal
  • Schedules: daily from 9 am to 7 pm

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