Trafalgar Square: London's main square

Trafalgar Square: London's main square

Ever heard of Trafalgar Square? A huge square in the heart of London, which brings together tourists, street artists and a lot of culture in the nearby areas with excellent options for entertainment and leisure. This square is one of the places that cannot be left out of your itinerary in London and we will tell you why!


The incredible Trafalgar Square served as stables during the 14th to 17th centuries until these were moved to the area next to Buckingham Palace (we tell you about our visit to the stables in this post). During the 1830s, the square underwent a series of modifications, mainly with the construction of the amazing National Gallery, one of London's finest art museums and one of our favourites.

Trafalgar Square: London's main square
National Gallery, one of London's best museums, has free admission

The name of the square is due to a tribute to the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, which has tremendous historical importance for the country. This battle represented a turning point in the so-called Napoleonic Wars with the victory of the British navy over the French. Napoleon ended up being definitively defeated only 10 years later at the Battle of Waterloo, but the Battle of Trafalgar was one of the most important steps towards this happening a decade later.

Trafalgar Square: London's main square
Trafalgar Square seen from the front

In the middle of the square, there is a huge column, 52 meters high, called the Nelson column. Designed by William Railton, the column was built between 1840 and 1843. At the top is Admiral Horatio Nelson, one of the most important names in the country's history, who led the British Royal Navy during the Battle of Trafalgar, in which he died after being hit by a French sniper. At the base of the column are four bronze lions, placed on the site in 1867. Other highlights of the square are two large fountains next to Nelson's Column that were incorporated in 1845.

Trafalgar Square: London's main square
The imposing Nelson Column in the center of the square
Trafalgar Square: London's main square
One of the two large fountains in the square


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The square has 4 pedestals for statues. In 3 of them are bronze statues of General Sir Charles James Napier in the southwest, Major General Sir Henry Havelock in the southeast and King George IV in the northeast. The fourth of the statues is temporary and changes constantly. Below is “The Gift Horse” by artist Hans Haacke. It was installed in March 2015, and represents a skeletal model of a horse. A curiosity is that it shows live the main quotations that are currently taking place on the London Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange.

Trafalgar Square: London's main square
The statue of a horse skeleton in Trafalgar Square

The square has been used as a meeting point for street artists and political demonstrations. On normal days, it is always full of tourists who are resting on the steps of the place or admiring the beauty of the National Gallery that occupies a primordial position in the square. Trafalgar Square is one of the highlights of the holiday season, being used for the opening of the London Christmas Tree. In addition, it is an important center of annual New Year's Eve celebrations.

Trafalgar Square: London's main square
The square is always crowded with tourists.


Take advantage of your passage through Trafalgar Square to discover other attractions that are located in areas close to the square. See some suggestions:

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Access by subway is super easy and can be done through the lines / stations:

  • Charing Cross Station: Northern Line (black) and Bakerloo Line (brown)
  • Leicester Square Station: Northern Line (black) and Piccadilly Line (marine)
  • Piccadilly Circus Station: Piccadilly Line (marine) and Bakerloo Line (brown)
  • Embankment Station: Northern Line (black), Bakerloo Line (brown), District Line (green), circle line (Yellow)

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Trafalgar Square: London's main square

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