Portugal: The charming Amélia Lisboa Restaurant

Portugal: The charming Amélia Lisboa Restaurant

Last updated: 02/07/2023

Discover Restaurante Amélia Lisboa, a restaurant full of delicacies that is close to the Casa de Fernando Pessoa museum, in the Portuguese capital Lisbon.


Founded in 2017, Restaurante Amélia Lisboa is located in the Campo de Ourique neighborhood and offers delicious, nutritious and colorful dishes that are served in a relaxed, elegant environment with a unique decor.

Portugal: The charming Amélia Lisboa Restaurant
Amélia Lisboa Restaurant | Photo: official website

It is part of a group of restaurants that was born in 2016 with Nicolau Lisboa Café, located in downtown Lisbon, with the aim of offering healthy and delicious dishes. Currently, the chain has 4 restaurants in Lisbon and a unit in Porto. Are they: Nicholas Lisbon, Amelia Lisbon, basilio lisbon, Olivia Lisbon and Nicholas Porto🇧🇷 See the map of the location of all the restaurants in this link.

Portugal: The charming Amélia Lisboa Restaurant
Nutritious delicacies from Restaurante Amélia Lisboa | Photo: official website


O menu at Restaurante Amélia Lisboa is very complete with Appetizer, Burgers, Tapiocas, Bowls, pancakes, toast, Eggs, salads and desserts🇧🇷 In addition, the restaurant offers a complete brunch combo and a variety of smoothies, fruit juices, coffees, teas and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Portugal: The charming Amélia Lisboa Restaurant
Restaurant's fancy menu | Photo: official website

The restaurant is not vegetarian or vegan, but offers some interesting options on the menu for those who do not consume anything of animal origin. To start, you can ask humus of chickpeas or beets, Guacamole, followed by a Veggie Burger (vegan burger made with chickpeas and sweet potatoes) or a Grain curry with vegetables.

Portugal: The charming Amélia Lisboa Restaurant
Colorful hamburger | Photo: official website

For dessert, sweet rice with coconut and fruit or Brownie of sweet potato with cocoa. Other interesting options are Vegan pancake (with oatmeal, banana and maple syrup) or the Flower Power Bowl (chickpeas, quinoa, beet hummus, spinach, avocado).

Portugal: The charming Amélia Lisboa Restaurant
Restaurant delights | Photo: official website


After visiting the beautiful Casa de Fernando Pessoa museum, we went to Amélia Lisboa Restaurant for lunch. As soon as we arrived, we were delighted with the decor of the place. The decor is very different from anything we've seen before, mixing styles and colors. From the name Amélia in neon on a wall, super cool decorative items to a mini fern forest in a super friendly outdoor patio.

Portugal: The charming Amélia Lisboa Restaurant
The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant | Photo: official website

We weren't very hungry because we had a great breakfast, but we needed to eat something to continue our wanderings around Lisbon.

Portugal: The charming Amélia Lisboa Restaurant
At Amélia Lisboa Restaurant

We ended up not ordering any starters and just a Veggie Burger each. The chickpea and sweet potato hamburger came with tomato and spinach and on a green bread with grains, very different, very beautiful, nutritious and tasty! To accompany, very dry sweet potato chips. We decided not to order dessert there in order to walk a few minutes to eat the delicious vegan pastel de nata from vegan cream (Rua 4 de Infantaria 29 B, 1350-268 Lisboa, Portugal), a chain of traditional Portuguese dessert shops that only offer vegan products.

Portugal: The charming Amélia Lisboa Restaurant
Colorful and tasty Vegan Burger

Although our visit to Restaurante Amélia Lisboa was quick, it was very interesting. The atmosphere is super cozy, we were very well attended and we ate super well. Now we want to know the other units and discover other delights on the menu.


Amelia Lisbon Restaurant
  • Address: R. Ferreira Borges 101, 1350-128 Lisbon, Portugal
  • Schedules: Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm | from friday to sunday from 8.30 am to 22.30 pm

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