Finland: Cheap Accommodation Helsinki Tip

Finland: Cheap Accommodation Helsinki Tip

Last update: 01/07/2019

Everyone knows that Scandinavian countries tend to have prices a little steep, right? When we went looking for a hotel to stay in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, we saw many expensive options that were completely out of the budget we were planning. After a lot of searching, we found a cheap accommodation in Helsinki (by Scandinavian standards) and approved it!


Our tip for cheap accommodation in Helsinki is at omenThe Hotel Helsinki City Center, which, as the name says, is located in the center of the city, in a great commercial area, full of restaurants, shops and shopping mall. In addition, the hotel has the convenience of being located 5 minutes walk from the central train station from Helsinki. For us it was an excellent option, because we arrived in the city by plane, took the train that takes us to the central station and, very easily, we arrived at our hotel.

Finland: Cheap Accommodation Helsinki Tip
Facade of the Hotel Omena. Photo:

The Omena Hotel is considered a 3 star hotel, is not a conventional hotel (more on that later). You rooms are good sizeThey have a flat-screen TV, mini-fridge, microwave and tea/coffee making facilities. The Wifi connection was very efficient. It was not our request, but they put us in an accessible room for people with limited mobility and, therefore, both the room and the bathroom were very spacious.

Finland: Cheap Accommodation Helsinki Tip
Omena Hotel has excellent sized rooms. Photo:
Finland: Cheap Accommodation Helsinki Tip
Microwaves, coffeemakers and mini-fridges are available in the rooms. Photo:


To be cheaper than others that offer similar services, it does not have employees. Well, of course there are people working at the hotel, but we didn't see anyone. there is no reception. This is only possible because the city is super safe, there is nothing to worry about. At the time of booking you will receive a code to access the entrance door to the building and your room number. The code is also valid to access the room, there is no key. Rest assured, there is a 24-hour telephone service. We need to get in touch with an employee and we successfully got in touch.

Finland: Cheap Accommodation Helsinki Tip
One of the rooms at the Omena Hotel accessed by a code on the door. Photo:

Another point is that during the stay there is no maid or room service. The room will only be cleaned if you stay at the hotel for more than 1 week. We didn't see any problem with that because they gave us the very clean room, we stayed 3 nights and they had left a change of towels and bed linen, in case we needed it. Let's agree that it's an exaggeration to change towels every day, isn't it? We don't do this at home, so we didn't think it would be an inconvenience.

Finland: Cheap Accommodation Helsinki Tip
Bathrooms are spacious, but towels are not changed during your stay. Photo:

please note that there is no breakfast service, but in the room there is a paper on the wall with a suggestion of a place to have coffee that offers a discount for those staying at the hotel. We ended up going to other places, because options abound in the region.

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Omena Hotel Helsinki City Center

  • Address: Yrjönkatu 30, Eteläinen Suurpiiri, 00110 Helsinki, Finland

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Finland: Cheap Accommodation Helsinki Tip - Travelers

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  1. Congratulations on the blog! I'm in need of some help!
    We will arrive in Helsinki in the evening and leave the following afternoon for Tallinn. We'll need to leave early to enjoy the day. Does this hotel have a place to leave luggage?

    • Hello Cristina, at this hotel there is no way to leave luggage because there is no employee on site during the day.
      An alternative is to let us central station lockers of the city nearby. The rental fee varies between €2–6 per locker per day.
      Hugs and a great trip to you! 🙂


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