Switzerland: Cheap accommodation in Zurich

Switzerland: Cheap accommodation in Zurich

Last update: 01/07/2019

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world to include in a travel itinerary. We've been to the country a few times and we always do a lot of research on how to save money and make the trip viable. In 2017, we had the opportunity to travel around Europe with our parents, on a trip we called Europarents (Read more: Planning a trip to Europe with our parents!). After a lot of research, we found a nice budget accommodation option in Zurich (“cheap” by Swiss standards, of course). Check out this super tip!


On our second visit to Zurich, we stayed at the Apartments Swiss Star Zürich-Aussersihl, a set of fully equipped small apartments (maximum 2 adults per apartment) located in the city center, within walking distance of several attractions. The comfortable apartments have a full kitchen, with a refrigerator, stove and cooking utensils. In addition, the wifi connection is included in the price of the apartment rate, so there is no need to pay any additional fees. On the top floor are the largest apartments, which have two levels (kitchen downstairs and, going up the stairs, is the bedroom and bathroom on the upper floor). The location is great because the place is very quiet, despite being in the center of the city.

Switzerland: Cheap accommodation in Zurich
One of the available apartments. Photo: publicity

How is an apartment? there aren't those services common to hotels, such as reception, swimming pool, gym, breakfast and room service. Also, there is no daily cleaning and change of towels, but for those who will only be staying a few days, this is not a problem. As there is no service team, it is possible to reduce the cost of accommodation and that is why the daily rate is usually much lower than in hotels located in the region.

Switzerland: Cheap accommodation in Zurich
Equipped kitchens. Photo: publicity

On the ground floor of the building is a pizzeria, a great option for those who don't want to cook in the apartment, but at the same time don't want to spend horrors in one of the city's restaurants.

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When we made the reservation at Apartments Swiss Star Zürich-Aussersihl, we received an email informing us of a code that should be used to retrieve the keys. Arriving at the place, we use this code in a box that is in front of the entrance door. We entered the code and the keys “fell” to be collected. The building has an elevator, except on the top floor where the larger apartments are located, which are only accessible via a flight of stairs.

Switzerland: Cheap accommodation in Zurich
Entrance to the apartment is through the side door, after getting the keys in the box with code
Switzerland: Cheap accommodation in Zurich
Two-story apartment. Photo: publicity

The rooms were great, spacious and very clean. Everything organized, as is the custom in Switzerland. Although it doesn't have room service, we didn't miss having any interaction with staff. There was a stock of toilet paper and clean towels if we needed them for the days we would be staying there. If the need arises, a telephone is available to contact on-site staff to make a special request.

Switzerland: Cheap accommodation in Zurich
One of the apartments available for rent. Photo: publicity

As we were 3 couples, we rented 3 apartments. We ended up staying in the top floor apartment (which has stairs to go from the kitchen to the bedroom) and the size was excellent, very spacious and airy. We were impressed with the cleanliness and comfort of the apartment, which gave us a great night's sleep. We have no doubt that the Apartments Swiss Star Zürich-Aussersihl is an excellent choice for budget accommodation in Zurich, an admittedly expensive city.


Apartments Swiss Star Zürich-Aussersihl

  • Address: Morgartenstrasse 15, Aussersihl, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland

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Switzerland: Cheap Accommodation Zurich Tip - Travelers

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